Saturday, March 20, 2010

Final Destination: Cuiaba, Brazil

After a short night of rest (the kids slept about 6 and a half hours, Jeremy and I only got a few minutes) the stewardesses turned the lights on and served breakfast at about 4 am. We ended up having an extra seat on a row of four seats, and the girls were able to stretch out over two seats each. This made for a much more comfortable night.
We arrived in Sao Paulo about 6 am. We had about 6 men pushing carts to transport all of our things through customs and back to check in. We praise the Lord for helping us make a smooth transition through getting our luggage off of the belt and through customs. When we arrived at the counter to recheck our luggage in Jeremy and I looked at each other and asked "Did we just go through customs?" They didn't say a word to us as we walked through. What a blessing!
The line to check in our luggage was extremely long! We thought for sure we would end up missing our flight from Sao Paulo to Cuiaba, which was to leave in less than an hour. The men pushing our carts went through a different area and we ended up in a separate place all by ourselves. It took only a few minutes to get checked in, and we were able to make it just in time to board the airplane.
Looking pretty and perky early in the morning.
Judah enjoyed his early morning nap while we dealt with all the boxes.
Boarded on the airplane and ready to get to our new home! Judah is awake and ready!
Bethany worked on her second breakfast shortly after takeoff.
Juice and a sandwich...yum!
After a few hours of flying we arrived in Cuiaba. Upon arrival we had our hands full trying to get out of the airplane and safely down the stairs with the kids. The captain saw our predicament and offered to carry Judah down the stairs for us, AND he let us take his picture. Allie was pretty excited! During the flight she kept asking to see the captain, and now she was able to meet him!
Finally here! The picture below was taken by the Duartes when we were walking into the airport in Cuiaba.
The following pictures of the kids are pretty interesting. They show how each one responded to the new place.
Judah is curious!
Allie is shy and hiding behind mommy.
Bethany is trying to find something mischievous to do!
We are all here safe and sound with our all of our luggage!
Loading up the truck for home.
The ride home! Quite tuckered out in the back seat!
So thankful for strength, grace, and safety during the flight and over the few days following! God is good!
Next up ...our new home!


  1. Good photos again! I really like the "mischievous Bethany" photo!