Friday, March 26, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

God gave us a nice little house directly across the street from the church and the Duarte's house. I posted some pictures of it a while ago, if you would like to see some pictures that were taken before it was painted you may go here. These pictures were taken when we first arrived at our house.

The girl's room. Jeremy bought a trundle bed for the girls to sleep on and a lady in the church bought some sheets for them.
Our kitchen.
Another view of the kitchen. The door in the back leads to the laundry area and another bedroom and unfinished bathroom. The door to the right is the girl's bedroom, and along that same wall is the bathroom and our bedroom (of which I forgot to get a picture).
The living room.
The house is small, but just right for us at this stage of our lives. We thank the Lord for giving us exactly what we need!


  1. I'm so glad to read your blog and see how you guys are doing in Brazil. I'm thankful the Lord provided a dryer for you. A definite need. I think your stove is larger than mine. :-) We'll be praying for you guys as you learn Portuguese and Brazilian culture.

  2. I enjoy keeping up with your blog as well as I get time. The longer I'm here the more thankful I am for a dryer. Do most of the people in Uruguay have dryers? I'm the only person I know of here that has one. The stove is a six burner, making the oven the size of a regular American one. Thanks for your prayers. God has been so good to us. Sometimes things have gotten a little rough, but God is ALWAYS faithful! Hope you are enjoying your time of furlough. Thanks for the comment!