Friday, March 19, 2010

Leaving North Carolina

On March 1, 2010 we left North Carolina for Georgia. We planned to fly out of Orlando, Florida on Wednesday, and decided to stop in Columbus, GA to say goodbye to my parents on the way there.

Jeremy's mom came over to say goodbye on Monday morning and she took a picture of all of us in the prophet's chamber at church. We had been staying there for about two months while packing up all of our belongings at our house.

We are all ready to go.
Our van all packed up. We went to get the trailer that we towed full of boxes, and when we did we discovered that something wasn't right with the lights on the trailer. Since we didn't want a ticket on the way to Georgia, we had to go get the lights fixed before we could leave.
We went down to the local mechanic and he helped us get our lights working. It took quite a bit longer than we had planned, and it was kind of difficult keeping the kiddos still in the car for an hour and a half!

Allie and Bethany enjoyed watching a dog play with a ball.
They also enjoyed singing and "buckling up" in the seats.
Judah was pretty content just to be talked to!
They got the lights all fixed up, and we were on our way!

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