Friday, March 19, 2010

Moving Day

March 3 came much quicker than anyone expected! We had a great last visit with my parents and said our sad goodbyes for a while. Then we headed down to Orlando, Fl. We spent the night in a hotel near the airport. The next morning we were ready for an adventure! Especially the kiddos!
Judah crawled around the hotel room exploring new territory.
Bethany ate her yogurt for breakfast.
Grandpa met us in Florida to take us to the airport and drive our van and trailer to NC to be sold.
Arriving at the airport.
Unloading the trailer.
Stacking the boxes high!
Waiting to get out of the van.
...still waiting...
That's about all of the boxes.
The last thankful for those men who stand around with carts just waiting to help!
Out of the van and into the thankful for strollers!!!
Oooh, so thankful for strollers!
Checking in. Each box had to be under 70 pounds or we would be charged extra. We had the all within a pound or two, and none of them were overweight.
Putting the zip-ties on the duffel bags.
All finished checking in and ready to go through security.
The girls riding in their stroller.
Finally, to our destination at the airport. We really didn't have very long to wait after we found where we were supposed to be. We just relaxed and enjoyed taking pictures of the kids!
Silly pictures!

Jeremy grabbed one more burger for us before we were to eat the airplane food for a day.
Waiting in line to get on the airplane. Since we had little kids we were able to board early with all of the business class passengers. I am so thankful they gave us that preference. We definitely needed it!
TAM flight to Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Waiting to fly...
The girls were so excited to be on the airplane!
Judah is just always happy and excitable!
Supper and sleep!
We prayed fervently that the kids would sleep well on the airplane since it was an all night flight, and they did. The flight was about eight and a half hours and they slept about 6 hours. It was about the longest possible that they could sleep. At other times the airplane was taking off and landing and serving supper and breakfast. We had a good trip and we are thankful for God's grace through all of the time of adjustment.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing about your lives as your ministry in brazil gets started. We are praying for you all.

  2. I don't know how you and Jeremy had dry eyes in the last picture his dad took! I know that you are excited to get to Brazil and I am excited for you. But I want to cry thinking of you and other friends that are halfway around the world from us! Thanks for starting this blog - glad to be able to keep up with you. Praying for you all!