Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This and That

I had originally planned on taking pictures every day of the first week we were in Brazil, and blog about them, but it just didn't get done! We did take some pictures though, and I thought you'd like to see some of them.

We have been told that there are basically two seasons where we live in Brazil: hot and wet, and hot and dry. We are now at the end of the hot and wet season. It rains pretty much every afternoon, and we are VERY thankful when it does. It is amazing how a few clouds and a little bit of rain cools everything down so nicely! The second week we were here it didn't rain much, the temperatures were in the high 90's to low 100's at bed time!

When we arrived at our house the first day our front yard was flooded.
Jeremy and Jed Duarte made a hole under our gate to let the water run out.
My new washing machine! Lawanda Duarte had to translate it for me. I was kind of surprised to see how long it took to go through a cycle.

Most brazilians don't have dryers, and I was definitely willing to not have one as well, but I still prayed that the Lord would provide one for me. I was told that during the rainy season it would be very difficult for me to get my clothes dry on the line. Sometimes ladies have to put their clothes out and bring them in from the rain 2 to 3 times a day. With three little ones that like to get dirty everyday, I would be spending most of my days doing laundry. The Lord, through very specific means, provided a dryer for us. Although I don't use it every time I wash clothes, it is a blessing to have during the rainy season.

Our washer and dryer. Our neighbor gave us a dog. We named her Pepper. She seems to be a very good guard dog!
Bethany and Allie both enjoy helping me sweep and mop our porch.
Judah is getting settled in pretty quickly!
The Lord really helped us through the first few days of getting adjusted to a new home. Although we know that life in Brazil is just beginning and harder times are yet to come, God has without a doubt proved Himself faithful to us. Jeremy and I both thought there would be many more tears and hardships the first few days, but God has given us such a peace in knowing that we are exactly where He wants us!

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