Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Sunday

This is a picture of Easter Sunday morning with our new Pastora Alemão (German Shepherd). "Lady Sunshine" is what the girls named her. Bethany really likes to tease her, and these past couple of days Lady Sunshine runs when she sees her coming!
I think they look so sweet in this picture.
Allie's trying to help Judah.
Always love Bethany's silly smiles!
Waiting for everyone to come to church.
Sunday School. This morning both girls learned their verse in Portuguese and said to the teacher. The little girl in green that is sitting next to Bethany has been motivated by Allie to learn her Bible verse and get a sticker each Sunday.
Allie getting help with her craft.
Bethany watching.
Bethany never forgets that she gets a lollipop in Sunday school. This week the teacher made Allie and Bethany "pirulito" (lollipop in portugues) in order to get theirs, and all of the brazilian kids had to say "lollipop" in order to get theirs.
We had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday! We are overwhelmed with gratefulness to our risen Lord for His strength and power in our lives!


  1. I didn't know ya'll got a German Shepherd! How'd you do that with the little thingy over the letter a? You're going to be typing in Portuguese pretty soon and I won't be able to understand it! The kids look like they're enjoying themselves, and Jeremy looks tired. Make him take some pictures of you sometime too okay? Love you guys!

  2. Looks like you had a good Easter Sunday! I love the picture of the two girls by themselves, and of course Bethany can always put on the most comical expressions!
    God Bless!

  3. MaryEllen-Jeremy did the thing with the letter a. He read over what I wrote and corrected me. He did Option + n. There are several that he has learned. The kids are having a good time here and Jeremy is tired. You can tell a lot by a picture. After you said that about me in a picture I realized that I didn't get someone to take a picture of all of us on Easter, and I meant to. Oh, well!

    Omar and Tracy-I know I definitely like that picture the best too!