Friday, April 2, 2010

Out To Town

A few days after we arrived in Brazil we had to go register with the police. We had to get finger printed and fill out a bunch of paper work. After that we decided to make a quick stop to part of downtown Cuiaba. There are several little shops to walk around and look at. On this particular day they were giving some of the local people a chance to set up booths and sell things that they had made.

While we were looking around a college student stopped us and wanted to ask Jeremy some survey questions. Mostly about what he thought about the "feira" and about the women being able to stay home and make homemade items to sell. It seemed kind of like a craft show to me.
Allie enjoyed looking around at all of the interesting things as well.
After we were done looking at all of the booths we bought some great fresh squeezed orange juice for about 50 cents from one of the booths and sat down on a bench to enjoy!

Later that evening we had to do some grocery shopping. Jeremy drove the Duarte's truck for the first time in Brazil. It was quite an interesting ride as traffic here is quite different than what we are used to in the States!

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