Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sunday School

The highlight of the week for Allie and Bethany is Sunday School. They love it! They still don't understand what is being said and taught, but they enjoy being around the other kids. They have made friends of some of the other little girls in church, and love to run and play with them.

Their first Sunday school lesson was on Jesus calling His disciple to be "Fishers of Men". At the end of the lesson each child was to tell the teacher a way they could tell others about Jesus or invite someone to church. After they did they could go "fishing".
Here Lawanda is telling Allie what the lesson was about and letting her go fishing.
There's Bethany's fish!
This little girl sat next to Bethany for a long time rubbing her white skin and touching her hair. Bethany didn't seem to notice.
Jeremy and Judah enjoyed Sunday School as well.

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  1. Did Jeremy understand the lesson? Judah will probably understand everything before all of you! HA.