Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Brazilian Birthday Party

*Please excuse the quality of some of the pictures in this post. I didn't realize until too late that many of them were blurry because of the setting I had my camera on. I'm definitely no photographer!*

The first birthday of a child in Brazilian culture is a big deal. As a tradition the family will invite all their friends and relatives to a big party. The reasoning behind it I have learned is that the infant mortality rate in Brazil used to be so high that if the child lived until the first birthday, they would probably survive. It was a big reason to celebrate.

The birthday girl was Isabella. We had only met the family one time. Chico and Shari Pinto attend another church started by missionary John Raehl. Shari is Mr. Raehl's daughter.

On Friday night we attended the party with some of the Duarte family. It was decorated so beautifully. Our girls absolutely loved it! This is the cake table below.
Below is a closer look at another section of the table. You can see the brigadeiros arranged across the table. Brigadeiros are a sweet brazilian dessert with chocolate and sweetened condensed milk. Very yummy!
The birthday cake with a picture of the sweet birthday baby. Unfortunately, this is the only picture I got of the girl. I didn't get a picture of her parents either. I was disappointed that I forgot.
They had a place that you could sit and get your picture taken.
There was a chocolate fondant table.
There was plenty of seating for everyone.
Allie enjoyed her chocolate fondant covered fruit.
And so did Bethany.
They also had a milkshake stand, cotton candy stand, baguncinhas (a popular brazilian hamburger), brazilian hotdogs, another brazilian snack with ham and cheese covered with a pancake type batter. They had waiters walking around offering all the coke, fanta (orange soda), guarana, and water :) you could want!

Below are Judah and Jeremy waiting for the "pancake snack".
They rented a trampoline, which was the highlight for my girls. They gave the kids little party favors. Bethany is trying out her little whistle.
Allie and Bethany both on the trampoline.
Judah standing in line with daddy.
Another one of them standing in line.
Bethany and I getting a picture on the little bench.
Jeremy and I.
A very sweaty Allie getting her hand painted.
Bethany's hearts.
Allie's hearts.
We had a great time at the party. The family treated it much like a dedication. There was a time of prayer and thanks to God for her. We really appreciated the opportunity to experience fun brazilian culture!


  1. Now that's the way to have a Birthday Party!

  2. Wish we could have joined you! Looks like the girls had a wonderful time! Glad they are able to have some social life. Miss you all bunches!

  3. It looks like a fun time was had by all! I knew that a big celebration takes place for the 15th birthday, but didn't know about the 1st. It's always good to learn tidbits along the way about this Brazilian culture we're living in!

    Our boys were able to jump on a trampoline recently too. A man at our nearby park sets it up from time to time and charges a small amount for kids to jump. It turned out that he speaks some English too! He was having a good time speaking English that he continued to let the boys have extra time for no extra charge! I was very thankful for the safety netting because I want to avoid the hospital scene as long as possible!

  4. That's an incredible party! We're missing you all! J.D. has been saying "Pray Esther. Sick." So we pray often for you since we get reminded to a lot!