Monday, May 10, 2010

A Chilly Day

The day we moved to Brazil we packed up our winter clothes. When we left the States we were wearing long sleeve shirts and on the airplane the kids wore their warm, cozy pajamas for bed time.

Yesterday, after two months of almost constant HOT weather, we had a cold day. I think that as the day went along it got even colder. We have been told that the area of Brazil in which we live is always hot with the exception of a few sporatic days here and there when the weather drops quickly and drastically (but not usually below 60 degrees F).

It is humorous to see everyone bundled up in their jackets, winter hats, and gloves when it is only 70 degrees outside! But it is understandable when you are used to 90 to 100 degree temperatures.

Last night we bundled the kids up in their warm pajamas--we aren't used to all this cold weather anymore either!
We also couldn't get over our VERY active dog! She didn't move all day. She laid in one spot shivering with her nose tucked under her leg trying everything she could to stay warm!


  1. Wow, What was the coldest that it has been since you've been there?

  2. Yesterday it got down to 63 degrees. Today it has warmed up some, but it is pretty cold again this evening. The internet says it is 66 degrees right now.