Thursday, May 20, 2010

Diaper News

I personally do not believe in pressuring myself to potty train my children. When Allie was two I was determined that she was going to be potty trained right then! Two weeks after her second birthday we started deputation. All my potty training ideas went out the window. I dare say it was impossible for me to potty train her when we were constantly on the road going from church to church, house to house, and riding in the van for LONG days. I would try every few weeks to no avail! She just wouldn't get it. I finally gave up when she had an accident at the altar of a church after the service and the pastor's wife had to clean it up. How embarrassing!

Well, along comes Bethany. No pressure, remember! I didn't even try when she turned two. Other children her age were fully potty trained before the age of two. Now she is two and a half. She discovered that if she goes on the potty that she gets a small treat, and she really likes that! So, after a couple of weeks of hit and miss potty training she is down to a diaper at nap time and bed time, and if we go somewhere she'll wear a diaper. Here in Brazil it's doubtful that there will be a bathroom everywhere you go.

It's just nice not to have the "pressure" of potty training. From what I've experienced as just a young mother--when they get it, they get it--it's not all that hard! I'm just excited that we don't have to buy as many diapers anymore. They are so much more expensive here than they are in the States!
In other diaper news ...Allie has been free of night time diapers for about two months. It took about 3 weeks and about four accidents, but now it's been over a month since she's had an accident during the night. We were nervous about trying this while on deputation because we didn't want to ruin other people's beds. We also knew that it would be difficult for her since we were in a different place almost every night.

I think she is going through a growth spurt. She eats as much as Jeremy and I do. She is learning to read, and reads well and quickly the short vowel words. She is becoming a big helper always noticing when Judah puts something small in his mouth or helping out with feeding him. She is getting independent in that she likes to choose what she wears each day and how she wants her hair fixed. She has to be "perfect" before she goes anywhere. The other day Jeremy was going to take her over to the Duarte's house for a few minutes, and she said, "I can't go yet, my hair isn't fixed!"

Well, that's the news about the girls. Maybe next I'll tell you about what our sweet Judah has been up to!

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