Monday, June 7, 2010

Bethany Loves to Cook

In Brazil, most people usually have their big meal for lunch instead of supper, and for the most part we have done this as well. It has been my habit to begin preparing for lunch at about 11:00 each day, always with the intention of eating at noon (which almost never happens). During the eleven o'clock hour Allie is usually busy with her school work and Judah is usually napping which leaves Bethany to help mommy in the kitchen!

She has a job that she does every day (well, almost every day). She peels and "chops" the garlic. She calls it chopping, but actually she mashes it. We use the garlic to flavor the rice and beans and sometimes we need it to flavor meat. That's what a typical brazilian dish must have! We don't eat it every day, but we do have it several days of the week.

Anyways, Bethany has become quite good at doing this. She knows it's her job and it keeps her preoccupied for quite a while during lunch preparations.


  1. Aw that's great! She's really talking alot now! Johnathan was watching and said, "bye, bye" after Bethany did.
    Thanks for posting the video

  2. I love this video of Bethany!!! She is too cute - gotta love your little miss personality!