Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blessings of the Day

I just thought I'd tell you about some blessings that we received today. For the last few weeks since I started having some health problems I have been on a gluten-free diet. It has been said to help with keeping colitis in remission. It seems to be helping me stay stable at least for the time, but I plan in a couple more weeks to go on a different diet. This diet will hopefully allow me to get off of it in a year or more, and keep me from having more relapses...we'll see!

Anyway, since I am on this gluten free diet I've had a hard time finding things to eat. I can't have pastas, breads, and some other things. This makes variety very difficult.

We decided when I started to try to make our own rice flour so that I can have some bread to eat. We tried it and it was okay, but we were using our blender and it didn't get it fine enough. The bread that I made turned out a little crunchy. Interesting.

However, today, Jeremy went to a store down the road and found some rice flour. We had asked a few people if it was possible to get it here, and no one knew. We just assumed we couldn't. To say the least, I am excited! It will be much easier than spending an hour trying to blend rice and make flour out of it that isn't really good anyway. Hence, blessing number one!
Blessing number two is a kitchen table. If you remember, when we first arrived we bought a table for our porch. We eat every meal out there (except when it is cold or rainy, then we eat on the kitchen floor!). I didn't think about how much we used a table inside the house until we didn't have one. The girls had no where to do their crafts except for on the floor, and then Judah would try to eat their papers! And if you know my girls they would do crafts ALL day long if I had a big enough imagination. The table will be helpful for extra counter space as mine previously was very limited. And for the cold or rainy days we no longer have to eat on the floor. So exciting! :)
Another blessing that I thought I'd tell you about is something that we have received often since we've been here--homemade bread. There is a lady that goes to our church and she sells homemade bread as a means of income. We generally get one every week or so and the girls love it. It also makes for quick breakfasts along with a fruit of some sort since our language school seems to make mornings a little bit hectic at the moment!So there you have it. Some of the little blessings of our life!


  1. Hey Esther,

    Looks we have a few more things in common! Not only does it look like we have the same model dryer(which has only been used once when a friend arrived at our apt. soaked from head to toe b/c she was caught in a downpour), but we have a table just like that too! Ours fits 6 people, and the chairs are solid white and a little different at the bottom.

    I hope the changes made in your diet will help curb your health problems. I know you are still in the "adjustment stage" of everything and to add even more changes doesn't make things any easier.

    You're doing better than I am in the baking department! I have never made any type of homemade bread other than banana bread and pumpkin bread!

    I enjoy the pictures that you post! You all look very happy.

  2. It's me again :) After reading my comment I thought that I should say that I have made rolls once before too. Since I have a post with crescent rolls in the picture I thought I should clarify that :)

  3. I'm so glad you were able to find the rice flour!!! That is exciting that you won't have to make it yourself. I hope your bread will taste a little better now.

  4. That's great! Thanks for letting us know about these blessings! Better/Healthier food and a new table to at which to eat it - Sounds good!