Thursday, June 3, 2010

Christmas in June

Oh, how fun it is to get mail when you're in a different country! It kind of reminds me of how it felt to get a package from home while I was away at college exciting! Yesterday, we got our first big piece of mail since we've been here. We have gotten some smaller things: letters, small packages and cards, which we have also thoroughly enjoyed. This seemed to be the real "test" though.

We knew my parents had sent it and it only took about two and a half to three weeks. We were so excited to open it and see what was inside. It was like Christmas!

Here we are on our couch almost ready to open it!
I know you're curious as to what we got. It was 2 jars of PEANUT BUTTER (my personal favorite!)some various food seasonings that aren't available here. Gum (Bethany's favorite-as soon as I opened the box she squealed a very happy squeal "GUM"!!!), matching shirts and sandals for the girls (Allie's favorite as she just LOVES shoes ...she just happens to notice which shoes everyone at church is wearing) and a couple of little outfits for Judah-he is growing out of some things so we are very thankful for these as nice little kid clothes seem to be outrageously priced here.

And here are Allie and Bethany ready for church on Wednesday night showing grandma and pawpaw their new things!
I had planned several other posts to be done yesterday, but I put my camera card into my computer and somewhere between the camera and the computer all of the pictures disappeared disappointing! There are several things that I'd like to write about, but I think it's kind of boring to do so without pictures. So hopefully soon we'll get things rolling on here again!

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  1. So glad everything made it safely. The girls look cute in their shirts and shoes. And I know you are thrilled with the peanut butter.