Monday, June 21, 2010


Since we are now able to speak some broken Portuguese, and we really would like to get to know the families that attend the church here better, we decided to start inviting some people to our home for dessert on Friday nights. I say "nightS", but we've only done this once, but we plan to continue to do this with all of the families of the church.
So, a couple of weeks ago (I've been sick, so this post is way overdue!) we had the first family over. We served Moussie, (I think that would be the spelling--correct me if I'm wrong) which is a very yummy and very simple Brazilian dessert that resembles ice cream. One can sweetened condensed milk, one can Cremê de Leche (which *almost* resembles the American heavy whipping cream, but it has more of the consistency of sour cream--just in case your were curious. AND if you're even more curious, this is what we use to make sour creme. We add some vinegar to the cremê de leche, let it set for a few minutes, and wha-la you have sour cream!), and one package of some type of fruit pulp--we chose strawberry and passion fruit. Many times the dessert is served in pie form, sometimes with a cookie crust at the bottom, but Jeremy prefers it to be frozen in individual cups. It probably resembles ice cream even more that way!

I also served some chocolate chocolate chip cookies. Brazilians love cookies. It isn't a typical Brazilian dessert (all of their desserts contain sweetened condensed milk as a main ingredient). These cookies went over very well! However, I cannot take the credit for making them. I was beginning to get sick the day after we invited them to come over, and we didn't want to un-invite them, so I asked for help. Jenifer Duarte very graciously and willing offered to come over to help me get my planned desserts ready and to help clean my house. I had also gotten a little behind on some of my necessary cleaning (sweeping, mopping, etc) because of getting sick.

The family we invited was Adilsom, Lucimar, and their daughter Camilly. When we first arrived in Brazil they invited us over for dessert the first week with the Duarte family. We thought they would be a good place to start.

We had a good talk. We worked through our broken portuguese (we also invited Jenifer over to enjoy the fruits of her labors and to help interpret some, although we wanted to try to talk to them as much as possible on our own...we didn't want to get stuck...that would be embarrassing). Overall I think it went well. It will be nice when the day comes and we don't say "uh" between every word or two... that's how slow we think in it now.

Below are some pictures of another day when Allie, Bethany, and Camilly were playing at the church while her parents cleaned the church. Camilly loves to play with the girls even though they don't understand each other very well...yet!


  1. Can we come over for dessert sometime? Wish we could!

    Glad you're making some new friends and being brave enough to have people over!

    Praying lots and lots for you, for continued healing and for the strength each of you need for each day's new challenges!

  2. Glad that you're feeling well enough to post!

    The first time that I tried to make mousse here it was so thin we ended up DRINKING it from our bowls instead of using our spoons! Boy, was it rich! I was later told that adding a package of gelatin helps it to thicken. It did help the second time around.

    My bi-lingual cookbook shows it spelled the same as in English....mousse, but it is pronounced the way that you spelled it :)

    I think it's a great idea to have people over even while you're learning the language. Having one on one conversational time with Brazilians is an excellent way to use what you DO know already.

    Hopefully they are understanding and patient as you try to gather your thoughts and switch from English into Portuguese. It's not so easy to get your mind and mouth to work at the same time w/o having some delays!

    I'm curious to know if you have access to choc. chips or are you chopping up a chocolate bar? I haven't seen chips here yet, but the bar works great.

    Keep pressing along!