Monday, July 12, 2010


A couple times each week Jeremy visits our local meat shop. It is about a five minute walk from our house. He has been doing this for about 3 months. He usually picks up the meat that we need for the week--ground beef, roast, bifes, or whatever is on the menu. Since he has been frequenting this local meat store Jeremy has become very acquainted with the owner and his wife.

Last Wednesday they invited themselves over to our house and brought all of the fixin's for churrasco (brazilian barbeque). She came over about 10:30 and took over the kitchen (which was fine with me--she had just the right personality to do so and feel comfortable!). She made some rice, salad, and homemade salad dressing.

Jeremy set the table.
We invited Jed over to help with understanding and translating. He also did a great job grilling the meat. They brought some "picanha" over to grill out for us. Brazilians consider this cut of meat to be the best part of the steer (even better than filet mignon) because of the flavor. I just learned on Wikipedia, though, that in America it is divided among other cuts of meat. It is part of the top sirloin. Interesting.

The meat on our make-shift grill.
Jeremy and Isabel deep in conversation.
The salads and dressing that she made.
The girls took their chairs out to our front yard where Jed was grilling and watched him for a while.
Such pretty little ladies.
The meat is almost done! Yum!
Her husband wasn't able to come until it was time to eat. He was tending to his store.
Jeremy and Juariz
Juariz and Isabel.
Jed is ready to eat!
Isabel and Judah. Judah missed out on almost all of the festivities and woke up from his nap at the very end...just in time to say goodbye!
We had a good time talking and getting to know them. We are praying that the Lord will give us influence in the town where we live and it seems like He is giving us favor with many people in town. This couple are Jehovah's Witnesses, but don't seem to be completely devout in their faithfulness to it. I think they come and go. Please pray that we will have good opportunities to share the gospel with this couple.

Juariz is also a police officer--he captures and locks up corrupt police officers. He has invited Jeremy and Jed to go with him on Wednesday to see his place of work and show him around. Jeremy is very excited about this opportunity. Please pray for wisdom and prudence in dealing with him and for their salvation. Wouldn't it be great to see this couple come to Christ!

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  1. Getting established with the people in your area is very important. Looks like you had a great opportunity with Juariz and Isabel.

    I have found that by going to the same stores, using the same cashiers, and trying to make small talk as I check out that they recognize me on the street and usually say hello with a smile.

    We're looking forward to hearing how the Lord will use your family there in Cuiaba to reach the religious, but still lost. We have met many here in Rio that fit into the same category.

    More great pictures!