Friday, July 23, 2010

The Gospel Train

I guess you could say I blog more for the grandparent's sake. I usually put the videos on here for them.

Allie had a song stuck in her head that she learned in preschool, and she has been singing it over and over. We usually sing it 'traveling' around the house holding on to each other's backs. And usually there is a baby doll or two in between us all and Judah laughs. This time it's just Allie. Jeremy caught her on video doing a beautiful job singing while coloring! She didn't even know we were video taping her. I love it--hopefully you will too!


  1. Tell Allie she sings beautifully! That was one of Grandma's favorite when she was little a long time ago. So glad they are getting these songs in their heads and hearts. We always went chug a chug a chug along with it and then did a train whistle at the end.