Friday, July 9, 2010

Independence Day Celebration

Last Monday was the day we celebrated the Fourth of July with all of the American missionaries in our area. It was a busy day and very exciting. We started it out with getting our new (to us) van! This is a very exciting milestone for us. We have been looking and hoping for just the right vehicle for a couple of months, and last week the Lord led us to get this van.

It is kind of a Brazilian version of a mini van--just a little bit more 'mini'! It seats seven passengers, but the two seats in the back are more like 'jump seats'--pretty small. They can also fold up into the floor to give us more trunk space which will be very appreciated at grocery shopping time!
(the van)
(the parking place for our van--we want to keep it sheltered from the extreme sun, so we park on the porch)

Judah's all dressed and ready to go to our Fourth of July party!
We loaded up our new van on Monday evening and set out for the party. We were all invited out to Peter and Zirlene Doolittle's house for the celebration. They run the camp that everyone attends during the year, so they had lots of space for the fun.
Bethany is obviously enjoying her meal.
Jeremy just a little thirsty!
Jed and Janalee Duarte
Alex and Chico
Missionaries John and Joyce Rhael talking with Zirlene.
Shari Pinto and Isabella
Bethany enjoying a roasted marshmallow
Allie enjoyed hers too!
The 'lighting' of the desserts! We sang "God Bless America" as we watched the sparklers.
Judah looking for some mischief!
Kevin, Jeremy, and Allie roasting marshmallows.
Lawanda, Jed, and Jenifer ready to light the desserts.
Judah and I.
Jeremy and I.
Allie is ready to dive into her cupcake!
Stanley Doolittle, Bethany, Allie, Judah, and Janalee
Our sweet Allie!
Sorry some of the pictures were a little out of order, but I was having a hard time getting them loaded (part of the reason why this wasn't up two days ago!). I just gave up and let them be out of order!

We had a great time of fellowship with the other missionaries as always. We enjoyed an All-American meal of Hamburgers(Lawanda made some really yummy homemade sesame seed hamburger buns, they looked American!), hotdogs, potato salad, baked beans, and LOTS of yummy desserts! Jed brought some fireworks and did a great job with them! The kids enjoyed playing with other kids around their age that understood English! Everyone had just a little too much sugar! AND, thanks to Jed riding with us in our van, we made it home without getting lost!

I know over the next few months we will have lots and lots of interesting adventures with our new van. We don't know our way around the city all looks the same to us! I haven't driven yet, but Jeremy says he feels like he's playing a game of Frogger (you know that old Atari game) except with real people...everywhere. You have to dodge the bicycles, motorcycles, and the people on foot, not to mention the other people driving cars. Everyone watches out for themselves and seldom follow the laws. Motorcycles are especially bad as they scurry around everywhere and anywhere and come from nowhere just when you want to turn! Definitely an adventure!

Thanks for reading our blog...hope you all had a good Independence day!


  1. Looks like you had a fun day. Guess it was nice to be with English speaking people all day. Like your van and so happy you were able to find something! Judah is getting so big and his looks are changing. Wish I could hug and kiss all of 'em.
    Love you lots.

  2. Judah is changing more - I think he's looking even more like Allie. We missed having you guys here this year. It just wasn't the same without you. We went to the Harris' pool again, but it was just us and Mom and Dad. I was remembering Jeremy and Melvin last year racing in the kids' floats! Glad you got to have a little celebration, and I hope you get many years of good service out of the van.