Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Preparations Underway

Yesterday, my happy helpers and I had lots of work to do! We were celebrating Independence Day on the Fifth of July! We had to make two Pecan Chocolate Chip Pies and some yummy cupcakes!

I made the pie crust for the Pecan pies and had some dough left over. The girls had LOTS of fun making their own "pies".
The finished product ready to go! Two Pecan Chocolate Chip pies...
and twelve very pretty cupcakes!
I cannot take the credit for these cupcakes! First, I must thank Omar and Tracy for sending the great care package and thinking of including some fun stuff for our Fourth of July celebrations, including cupcake holders with red pinwheels for the tops. Secondly, I must thank Jenifer Duarte for coming over with her mom's cake decorating things and putting on the icing. Thirdly, I must thank the two cutest little girls in the world for sticking the pinwheels in the cupcakes!

More preparations are underway today for tomorrow...
It will be a pretty interesting day, I think. You'll just have to stay tuned to find out exactly what's going on...

Next up: Our Fourth of July Celebration last night!

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  1. The pies and cupcakes look wonderful! I would like to know the recipe for the icing. The consistency looks great. Pecan choc. chip pies sound almost too good to eat! I wouldn't mind having that recipe too when you have time to share!