Saturday, July 3, 2010

A 'Snail' of a Tale

Where we live in Brazil we have to be very careful about our water--in very many aspects. We only receive water from the city every other day for about two hours in the morning. It fills our two water storage tanks, and then the water is gravity fed through the pipes in our house. We have to be careful to remember that the lines are turned on when the city water is available or else we will run out of water.

We have two tanks. A smaller one sits on a very high pedestal and actually 'feeds' the water to our house. A larger one sits on the ground, and when the smaller one is empty we can turn on a pump and it will fill up our smaller tank.

We also have to be very careful about the sanitation of our water. Generally, if you look into the water tank it has much sediment and sometimes you can see worms in the bottom of it. This isn't too big of a problem as long as you are careful not to drink the water. We use a filter for our drinking water.

The reason for this post is not about the sediment or worms though. We had a bigger problem recently...snails! Yuck! We have a small problem with giant African snails in our backyard. No one usually goes back there, so we usually don't even think about it. However, one day Jeremy just happened to look into our water tank that sits on the ground (it has a lid on it), and some snails had found their way in!

We have been told that these snails carry diseases, and since the area where we live doesn't seem to be the 'cleanest' place we didn't want to take any chances of diseased water! So, we had to spend a day cleaning it out.

One of the snails that had gotten in the tank.
Jeremy working on emptying the tank. It was full since we had just gotten more water that morning.
The emptied tank with the sediment at the bottom.
Jeremy inside the tank scrubbing it with bleach!
We thought it was pretty funny when, about a week after we had scrubbed the tank out, a lady that works for the city came to check for the Dengue mosquito. They do this every month and go through our yard to make sure there is nothing sitting around that would help to breed that certain type of mosquito. She checked in our water tank, and when she opened the lid, the look on her face was pretty funny. She probably doesn't see clean water tanks very often!

We have now learned our lesson to check our tanks often to make sure there are no little critters that have taken up residence therein!

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