Monday, August 2, 2010

Anniversary Getaway

Last Monday Jeremy and I took off mid-morning for a fun anniversary/birthday overnight getaway. What a great time we had! We decided to just stay in downtown Cuiaba (about a 30 minute drive from our house) and "tour" the city for a couple of days. Since I have been sick and we have just recently gotten a vehicle we haven't been able to go see all that is available and just look around town.

Our hotel.
Our room was on the tenth floor.
Jeremy and I ready for an evening on the town.
Cuiaba from the tenth floor.
Jeremy took me to a really nice Churrascaria for supper. The food was wonderful! Lots of salad varieties, beans and rice (of course), all the yummiest shrimp you want, and several other really good side dishes!
AND all the meat you want brought to your table...cooked to the finest! We asked some of the people to take a picture with us. This is how they bring it to your table and cut off a portion for you.
Jeremy and I enjoying our meal.
Sitting on the bench at the entrance of the restaurant.
Later that night we went to the hotel and ate dessert at the restaurant there. My sweet Jeremy!
Sweet times!
Cuiaba in the morning from the tenth floor.
We had a great time and got to know our city a little better.

Meanwhile... while we enjoyed our getaway our kids were having the time of their lives with Jenifer and Janalee Duarte. They are still talking about all the things they did with them while we were gone!

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