Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dry Beans and Burned Rice

This is Renato and his family. After Renato met with Jeremy last Tuesday he wanted our families to get together. I love having guests! I just wish I was a little faster at cleaning and cooking! We have had guests several times since we've been here, but this time was a bit scary! I have never had to cook BRAZILIAN food for BRAZILIANS before!

Before when we had Juarez and Isabel over, she did the cooking. Other times we've only had people over for dessert.
I decided after much thought to make a Lasagna {which is not Brazilian, but I think most people here like it, it is pretty common}. But with the way things seem to be here, I also had to make the beans and rice. I make this several times a week for my family, but I always wonder, "Does it REALLY taste like Brazilian beans and rice???"

I was peeling my garlic and praying the whole time that my beans would have sufficient water in the pressure cooker, and that my rice would not burn on the bottom.

In the end all went well. No burned rice, the beans had sufficient water, and everyone SAID it tasted Brazilian. Who knows what they REALLY thought!

We had a really good visit. Jeremy was able again to talk much about salvation to this couple. Claudia, Renato's wife, has a very Catholic background and is steeped much in the religion. We are praying for her salvation. She listened pretty intently to what Jeremy had to say, but in the end she was ready to go home.

The kids had fun playing together. The boy, Nikolas, was very sweet. They played with the toys, colored for a while, and just ran played!

My sweet blue-eyed baby!
Bethany, Allie, and Nikolas {the girls are learning to "pose"}.
Smiling for Claudia's camera.

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