Thursday, August 12, 2010

Language School, Birthdays, and Cleaning!

We hit the ground running before 6:00 am this morning (this is regular for Jeremy...not so regular for me!). Lots of things were {are still} on the list for today. I started language school again yesterday. I plan to go twice a week for a couple of weeks and merge back in.

Judah's birthday is on Saturday. We're having a party for him tomorrow afternoon. Things always turn out more than originally planned, but I think we've got it covered. This is the first time that we are going to have a large crowd of people at our house. Inspection time!!!

Today, I'm cleaning like a maniac (of course, all the while staying calm and telling my girls how exciting it is to clean our house for everyone to come over {smile})! I have a sick, fevered, teething, birthday boy who is crying the whole time he's awake and sleeps most of the day. Hopefully, he'll be happy for his party tomorrow.

I've had the oven heating our house all day making a train cake for the party. I'm so excited to see how it turns out. Lawanda has lots of experience in cake decorating, and she has a train cake pan for the engine. I am making the train cars now, and may even try to do a caboose. We'll see what we have time...and ingredients for. I've already sent Jeremy to the store a couple times and I foresee at least one more trip today or in the morning!

Lots to do, little time...wish you all could come and join us!


  1. I hope he had a great birthday and a great party! Looking forward to seeing an update on that!

  2. Praying for you Esther!
    This party is a big taking for you, I know, but I'm sure it will be a success. Don't worry too much about having the house all perfect - that is my part in life! :-) JK It will all be fine!
    We love and miss you all!