Sunday, October 17, 2010

Missionaries and Robbers

I've been writing things down over the past week that the girls have said. Just for fun I thought I'd put them here for you to read!

~"Mommy, how old will Jesus be on Christmas?" Allie asked {After all, it IS Jesus' birthday, right?}

~While I was giving the kids a shower one night, Allie asked, "Mommy, Where is Israel?" I tried my best to explain to a four year old in terms that she might understand..."Very far away!" I also said, "That is where Jesus was born and lived."

Allie then said, "Mommy, one day when I become a mommy, maybe the Lord will call me to be a missionary to Israel. What language do they speak there? What does it sound like? What do the people there wear?, etc, etc, etc..."

~We have tried to keep our kids informed about bad people around here. We don't try to scare them, but we do want them to be cautious. Anyone could come to our gate while the kids play outside, and unless we know them, we want them to run inside and tell us right away! I think they have a healthy fear of it all, but sometimes the things they say make me laugh!

~Allie and Bethany are playing babies outside on the porch. Allie says "Bethany, where is my baby, I can't find her." She looks around casually. Bethany answers...very casually. " Oh Allie, I'm sorry, the robbers came and got her. But it's okay I'll get you a stone (David and Goliath???) so you can kill him."

~Bethany woke up one morning and came out of her room with a look of anticipation on her face. "Mommy," she asked "where are the robbers?".

"Robbers? We don't have any robbers here." I replied.

"Yes we do, I saw them. I was outside coloring, and they came and I screamed and kicked them and poked them in the eyes!"

Obviously, she had been dreaming!

~Another time when they were playing outside, and I was inside working Allie closed the front door and told Bethany "We don't want anyone to take away mommy, so I locked her in the house!"

These pictures were all taken at the Porto {an open air market--fruits, vegetables fresh meat, etc...}. Notice all of the bags of oranges hanging up behind the girls?

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  1. That is so cute! Children definitely say some cute things and are such a blessing!
    God Bless You All!
    Deanna Clopper