Thursday, August 19, 2010

School Time = Fun!

So, I now have a kindergartener! Allie LOVES school. She always has. When she was 3 1/2 years old she immensely enjoyed any pitiful effort on my part to teach her the alphabet or numbers or.....anything!

We were running like crazy on deputation then, and I wanted so badly to have a good system to help her learn. That's when we decided to order her the ABEKA K-4 video program. She did lots of K-4 riding down the road in our minivan!

We were ecstatic when we learned that missionaries to foreign countries could actually BUY the videos and reuse them for other family members (and I think you can let other missionaries use them as well). I think it took about a year and a half for her to finish with our traveling, changes of schedule, and moving to Brazil, but a little over a month ago she completed the K-4, on to K-5!

I am so glad that we decided to take this route of schooling at this point in our lives. Since my health has been so up and down in the recent months this is a way Allie can have steady schooling even if I'm not feeling very well. I know she is getting a quality education! In the future we may do different things, but for now it works perfectly for us!

Since I have been feeling really good in the past few weeks we have added more to our "curriculum". For a long time I have felt that our morning time has been much wasted. We get up, eat breakfast, and the kids just kind of wander around for an hour, and then we start our day.

Jeremy goes to language school at 7:00, and like clock-work, that's when the girls get up! I get them dressed, then breakfast. During breakfast we have Bible time. They are learning the books of the Bible, a chapter/passage, a song in English, and a song in Portuguese. We then have a short Bible story.

We made Bible 'lapbooks' (I got the original idea from another missionary's blog.) Allie and Bethany love their lapbooks! They cut, color, and paste pictures in their books and put different papers in the pockets of the things that we are learning. Such fun!

If we have time (now that I go to language school three days a week at 8:30) we also do "Portuguese" books. I got them each their own notebook, and I am teaching them Portuguese words each day. We started with colors. They cut out pictures of things that are the day's color and paste them on the right page in their notebooks.

While Allie does her school, Bethany does not want to be left out! She likes to do school too. I just make sure she has plenty of crayons and a pair of scissors, and she usually lasts long enough to get lunch rolling. She sits at the table right next to where I work, so I'm usually back and forth with her.

We're having a blast learning and playing!

Allie with her Portuguese book.
Bethany with hers the first day...still in pajamas!
Second day...we learned purple (roxo).
Allie with her kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Bere.
Bethany hard at work cutting and coloring!

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  1. Looks like the girls are having fun! Allie looks so cute with her glasses too.

    We're in the same barca(boat) with trying to do language class and having the oldest child in K5 at the same time! I'm still learning "when" and "how" to do this juggling act with everything else that needs to be done in a day :)

    I'm sure your girls have their moments, but they always look so happy in the pictures.

    We pray for your health to continue to improve, and for your family as a whole, and are trusting the Lord to continue to use you there!