Friday, August 6, 2010

Thankful for Thirty

It has happened! At times during these last few months I wasn't so sure that it would! I guess this post is a little bit overdue. I truly am thankful for the thirty years of life that God has given me.

I had thought about giving you a long list (of thirty things) that I'm thankful for or something like that, but I'm a mommy to three little people, and now that I'm feeling a lot better they are enjoying getting me more often. long lists. Though, I am thankful and could name SO many more than thirty!

I had a wonderful day and just thought I'd share some pictures of a party that was given for me.

The Duarte ladies made me a very tasty, beautiful, chocolate cake. Notice in the picture a little Bethany hand trying to sneak a snippet of frosting!
That night we all (us, Duartes, Limas, and Doolittles) went to a restaurant for supper. We had a great time! I love the restaurants here, most of them are so kid-friendly. The restaurant was pretty nice (not like a fast food restaurant) and they had a play place for the kids. The girls had a great time on the trampoline.
Poor Judah was sick that night. He had vomited on the way to the restaurant all over himself and his car seat. And, I didn't bring a change of clothes! Thankfully, Jessica did! Her baby, Joshua, is quite a bit younger than Judah, but the clothes fit him (our Judah is little and Joshua has some nice rolls :)!

Janalee had a good time "babying" Judah for a while.
Peter and Zirlene and their kids came to eat with us.
Alex, Jessica, and Joshua
Jeremy and I
We enjoyed a delicious steak dinner complete with...beans and rice :) vegetables, mashed potatoes and french fries. And then they surprised me with a gift-some wonderful smelling perfume!
Now, time for the cake. I love Bethany's face in this picture! She was so excited about eating the cake.
Yikes! Trick candles!
So thankful for thirty years of life that God has given me and a wonderful family to share it with!


  1. Yes, again I'll say "Happy Birthday!" Thanks for the pictures, they're great! Looks like you had a great day!

  2. Judah looks so much like Allie in that picture. Glad you had a good birthday.