Friday, August 27, 2010

Trading Out My Lemons for Peace

Well, my beloved lemon tree is no more! We have had an angry neighbor and we didn't know it until a few weeks ago. He came to Jeremy and told him we had to fix our roof or 'else'! Our porch roof runs off right into his yard, and so does the rain during the rainy season. There was a gutter on our roof, but it was pretty poorly made. We thought it was a pretty reasonable argument, and we want to be kind neighbors so now the problem should be fixed.

We hired a carpenter and his crew for a reasonable price. We decided that since we had to do it anyway to go ahead and extend our roof to cover the back part of the porch to keep rain out of our laundry area. The first month we moved here it rained every afternoon, and every afternoon we would be cleaning the water out of the laundry room and frantically covering our washer controls to keep it from getting ruined. Hopefully, the problem is solved now. I just had to give up my lemon tree!

They built up our wall two rows higher with bricks and plastered it.
You can see in this picture the stump of the lemon tree. The men dug it out and concreted over it for us. You can also tell how much farther they extended our roof on the back porch. They built another brick column at the end.
Almost finished.

The finished roof with the new gutter installed.
So long free lemons!

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