Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mango Eatin' Maniacs

It's mango season! Everyday we have gotten two or three ripe mangos from our tree, but today we got about fifteen!
This is how we get mangos that are high up on the tree! When the neighborhood kids see Jeremy up there they usually come running and ask for some. We definitely have more than we will probably be able to use so we don't mind giving some away.
Here are some of the mangos we got off of the tree today.
Allie and Bethany were very excited this morning to eat their mangos like brazilian children do. They would bite off the skin and spit it into the trashcan to get to the yummy part. Usually, I peel the skin off and cut it into nice little chunks and they eat it with their forks {how boring is that!}, but I didn't have time this morning, because I had to run to language school.

Of course, tonight when they wanted to eat yet another mango (they usually eat 3 or 4 a day!!!), they asked me to cut it up for them. I guess they didn't enjoy getting mango juice all over themselves this morning!
It's so fun to have fruit trees in the yard! It makes for some free, organic {for Lauren, if she's reading this :)} healthy treats!


  1. LOL...I would love to have some of those fresh mangos! I bet they taste 10x's better than the ones we get here:-) We've been getting bushels of apples from the farmers in Asheville and I'd send you some if I could;-)Enjoy those mangos!

  2. I love mangos! I actually just started eating them last winter! I mostly use them in smoothies! That's pretty cool that you have your one tree! Nothing like not having to pay close to a dollar for one.
    I have enjoyed keeping up with your blog!
    Out of curiousty, on your personal wish list, what kind of peanut butter do you'll eat?

    God Bless!
    Desirae Clopper
    Friendship Baptist Church
    Newville, Pa

  3. Lauren-the mangos are delicious, and the ones that grow on our tree aren't even as good as some that grow in other people's yards! I would love to have some of those yummy apples! We can get apples here, but they definitely aren't as good as what you can get in the states!

    Desirae-Thanks for keeping up with our blog. We love visitors! My favorite kind of peanut butter is Peter Pan, but we like it all!