Friday, September 10, 2010

Our Kindergartener

I videoed Allie saying some of her poems and verses that she has learned thus far in Kindergarten. Please forgive me for tipping the camera at the beginning. Bethany was stepping on a toy, and I was trying to get it from her.

Allie is doing really well with her kindergarten work, probably the first half of the year will all be review from K4, but it has been good for her. We have been able to be much more structured than we were with K4 being that we're not traveling to countless churches on deputation!


  1. Good job, Allie! You have a great teacher!

  2. Great work! Well done! Johnathan loved watching her, too!
    We have a photo album of individual portraits of all of our relatives and each of you all as well. For some reason, Johnathan never can say any of their names until we turn to Allie's picture and he excitedly points and says, "Lollie!" (Unfortunately, now he thinks all little girls in pictures are "Allies.")

  3. That was good Allie! Great expression too! I can remember hearing those poems when your daddy was little.
    Keep up the good work.