Sunday, October 17, 2010

Monkey Madness

Don't let this cute little guy fool he did me! He really is a vicious little monkey! On Children's Day we went with a family from the church to a restaurant nearby. The restaurant has a nice playground for the kids to play on and around the back they have a very small zoo.

They have several different neat looking birds and also monkeys in the zoo. They have a cage where there were about 4 or 5 monkeys jumping around and eating. Outside of the cage, but still behind another fence was another monkey jumping around and eating.

The one behind the fence was being so friendly, and they really are very funny to watch. He had already scared Allie once by suddenly jumping right in her face on the other side of the fence. Then he stuck his hand outside of the fence, and I let it hold my finger. Well, the crazy thing pulled it in the fence and bit it! As I was trying to get away he grabbed my hair. When I finally did get away he jumped on top of the fence and almost jumped over and attacked me! Jeremy was standing by to give him a good punch if he did decide to try an attack. Well, it was time to go, so I went to the bathroom, washed my hands and we left.

The next day we decided we probably should call the manager of the restaurant to make sure their monkeys had their rabies vaccinations. Of course, they had not. In fact, the monkeys at their restaurant are wild, and most of them just come in and out of the woods and eat and play with the other monkeys. Had I known this I would never have held that "cute" little monkey's hand! I thought they were "pets"!

So we spent much of Wednesday looking for a health clinic that would give me a rabies shot. After going to about five places I finally got one. I need to have a series of five shots to be completely vaccinated. Fun! The shot really wasn't all that bad, but the woman that gave it to me, well, she was another story.

I get my second shot on tomorrow {Monday}. We plan to find a different clinic to go to get the rest of the shots. I really don't want to get some other disease from some weirdo giving me a shot! :)

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