Thursday, October 28, 2010

Monkey Business

Monkeys really are curious creatures! They are very fun to watch...kinda like babies and toddlers. Have you ever noticed when sitting in a room full of adults a lot of times every eye in the room will be on some cute little baby watching his silly antics. That's kind of how I feel about monkeys. What are they going to do next?!

I am posting this because I am trying NOT to be bitter against the little creatures. That one little monkey that bit me has caused many hours of grief! I'm not complaining. I really think it's kind of funny!

Anyway, we really like to go to the restaurant that has the little monkey zoo. It has a great little playground for the kids to play at, and we can just sit, relax, and watch them play.

After lunch during the weekdays Jeremy watches the kids for me so I can get in a little Portuguese study time. Sometimes he takes them to Sinuelo (the monkey restaurant) and buys a coke and lets them play until nap time.

Some of the monkeys live out in the wild, and they also enjoy playing on the playground. Sometimes it looks like they are just as curious about the kids that are playing as we are about them!

Ever since I got bit by the monkey the girls are pretty nervous around them. If they get too close they start crying and maybe rightly so. You never know what may happen.

Yesterday, while the kids were playing on the playground there was one little monkey playing too. The girls didn't even know this monkey was right above their heads. Jeremy just told them to stand there and smile for a picture. It almost looks as if the monkey is posing for the picture too! So cute!

Jeremy also took a short video of the monkey playing on the playground. Please excuse the shakiness he was caring for three kids and holding the camera at the same time!

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