Monday, October 11, 2010

Of Bugs, Brownies, and Balloons

This morning as the girls were having a snack at our table, Bethany was sitting up on her knees looking out the window and said very excitedly "Mommy, there's a spider on the wall outside we need to go catch it!" Um, catch it? No! Where's daddy when you need him??? He had left early this morning for some shopping, so we were on our own this time!

I figured it would have to be a pretty big spider for her to be able to see it from where she was sitting. I mustered up my courage and looked out the window. To my horror it wasn't a spider, but instead a great big gargantuan (it's really a word I looked it up) cockroach!

There was no way I could let this critter live...what if it made it's way into my house. So with {daddy's} shoe I did killed it and without much consequence...thankfully!

Now that I think about it Bethany may have really wanted to catch it. We just recently received a package from a supporting church in Virginia with a little bug catching/viewing kit. I don't think that would be a bug I'd like to "view"!

In other roach news...the other day I went to a supermarket down the road. We don't do any major shopping there. It's very close to our house, so sometimes I run in there if I need to grab something quick. It's very small, but it has most of the necessities.

I needed some potatoes for supper that night and was already at that store. I had never even looked at the produce section there before, but I figured that it would be okay to buy what I needed there. Anyway...I went to the potatoes and grabbed up 3 or 4 and about screamed! Little roaches scattered everywhere! All over the potatoes, carrots, and who knows what else it was really gross! I didn't buy my potatoes from there. I'll just stick with the refrigerator section in that store!

Tomorrow here in Brazil is Dia das Crianças (Children's Day). All day we have been seeing kids walking around with new toys--even a couple of girls with some bubbles (which I didn't know they sold here).

Tonight for our prayer time with the kids from church we decided (at the last minute, of course!) to have a little party for them to celebrate. I put my brownies in the oven about 6:50pm hoping they would only take 25 minutes to cook. Usually my oven tends to bake things really fast, so I wasn't really worried. I really thought it would take less time than that. Finally, about 40 minutes later!!!...they were done. They finally did get to eat them after playing games forever.

In more exciting news...Jeremy has been practicing balloon making and decided to make a silly hat for the girls. I thought these pictures of Bethany were so cute!

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  1. The Live Traffic Feed on the sidebar has me living in all sorts of places in Rio! Where is Seropédica, Rio de Janeiro?!? Who knows, but I'm not really there :)

    Great pictures with the balloon hat, and great job Jeremy! I can picture little (and big)Brazilians standing around to see what you will create next. Hopefully it can be something the Lord will use in your evangelism.

    Take care and thank the Lord for packages!