Sunday, November 14, 2010

Let's Talk Brazilian Politics

I really don't know THAT much about Brazilian government on a sophisticated level. I know that it is a federal republic and similar to that of the US in some ways. President Lula de Silva has been in office for eight years, and now it is time for a change of presidency. On Halloween Brazil voted in their first woman president, Dilma Rousseff.

President Rousseff was President Lula's chief of staff. Back in April she resigned her position and began campaigning to be the president of Brazil. Her main opponent in the race was Jose Serra, who ran against Lula in 2002 and lost.

Brazilian citizens are granted the freedom to vote, but they are not given the freedom to NOT vote. All those 18 and above MUST vote or pay the fees as a consequence. They HAVE to vote, AND they HAVE to vote for one of the candidates on the form. If all the candidates are no good, they are not allowed to write someone else in as we can in the States. Sixteen and seventeen year olds may vote on a voluntary basis.
From what we've heard Dilma is a very aggressive liberal. She has already spoken out against our freedom to preach against certain vices that are running rampant throughout Brazil.

It was an interesting political season where we lived. There were many political rallies in our section of town, and often we would hear fireworks SEVERAL times a day. Jeremy, out of curiosity, attended a couple of the political rallies that were held near our house. I could usually hear the noise clearly from inside our home because it was SO loud! Jeremy took a short video clip of one of the rallies if your interested in experiencing what we did for a few weeks!

Also, there would be political parades. Jeremy got a little bit of this one on video. The dirt road Jeremy is walking up is right up from where we live. One day I will take some better pictures of the road we live on.
Brazil, much like America, is in need of prayer. We are living in uncertain times, and are unsure of how long we will have the freedoms that we do to preach the gospel. We know God has sent us here, and we intend to fulfill His will for our lives here. Please pray for Brazil!

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