Friday, November 12, 2010

Random Happenings

Just thought I'd let you in on a few random things that have been happening over the past few weeks...

Last weekend we attended a couples banquet at a nearby camp that is run by missionaries Peter and Zirlene Doolittle. It was very well put together, and we had lots of fun. We played games, had good food, and good fellowship. Jeremy even let me get a $6.00 manicure and pedicure for the occasion. :)
A little over a month ago we got a phone call from a friend from one of our supporting churches. They told us the church had voted to give us money to buy a microwave. I was so excited! Appliances are just so expensive here, and a microwave was not on the "necessities" list. Although I lived fine without a microwave for about 8 months, it is a very nice tool to have around. Especially when one of my all-time bad habits is to wait until the last minute to thaw out meat for a meal!

If you're wondering why it is out in the laundry room...I only have ONE outlet in our kitchen and the place where the outlet is wouldn't fit a microwave. Thus, it has found a home on our dryer for the time being. Also, if you're wondering what is on's just our water tank.
The other day Bethany saw a dead rat at someone's house.

She asked Jeremy, "Can I pick it up and look at it?"

Jeremy said, "No, Bethany, rats have germs and carry diseases."

Bethany asked, "So, if I pick it up I would have to get in the river?"

Jeremy asked her, "Why would you have to get in the river?"

Bethany responded, "To wash off my diseases!"

Then we realized she was equating the story of Naaman with the rat! Funny how kids put things together like that!

In case you were wondering, the rat was not at our house, but they are pretty common where we live. When we first came to Brazil our dog killed three within the first month. And I have to confess that I think we have at least one now living in between our ceiling and roof. I can hear it (them?) sometimes at night. Now to figure out how to kill it without it dying up their and smelling up the whole house...

The next night Allie and Bethany were laying in their beds going to sleep. All of the sudden Allie started screaming and crying. We went in to see what was wrong and Allie said "Something tickled my foot, and I don't know what it was!"
Jeremy looked in her covers and around a little, but didn't see anything.
Then, Bethany, looking over at Allie said, "Maybe it was a RAT!"
That's what Jeremy wanted to say too, but he refrained. I'm sure it was just the covers that moved differently than she expected. :)

Now, to end this post is a song by our Bethany. "With Jesus in the Boat I Can Smile At the Storm!"


  1. The video of Bethany singing is so cute :) I am so glad you got a microwave! That's so nice!

  2. Yay! A microwave; how exciting! I can't imagine living without one.

    Love the video of Bethany!