Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas At Our House

I must say that Christmas this year has definitely been different than any other that I've ever experienced! As I sit here typing this at 11:30 pm there are firework going off all around our house (they have been for a good part of the day). {The "grand finale" was at midnight, and lasted more than 20 minutes. :)} People are walking up and down the street in front of our house as if it were the middle of the day. Our dog is crouched in a corner of our laundry room probably shaking with fright, and every time I open the back door she tries to get in to hide somewhere in our house (which is NOT going to happen...). She is very afraid of fireworks. Some one is walking up and down the street blowing a horn (it sounds like one of the ones they blow at the World Cup...we got to know that sound pretty well earlier this year). I have a fan blowing on me from about a foot away to keep from dripping with sweat (it seems very humid today).

Despite the noise and heat...the kids are sound asleep. The presents are under the tree waiting to be opened. Allie woke up this morning, and made sure that I remembered that today was Christmas Eve and tomorrow is Christmas day! They are super excited about opening their presents. We let them open one present tonight, which was always a tradition in my family growing up.

We had a new store open up in town a couple of weeks ago, and I was so very excited to learn that they had real ham there...AND I was even more excited to see that the price was actually reasonable. (Until now I've only seen sandwich meat ham.) I don't know about you, but "Christmas" and "Ham" just seem to go together.

Our Christmas tree... this is my Christmas present from Jeremy. I was really pleased with the fullness of the tree. We decided to buy very few ornaments this year. We will add to our collection next year. We also decided to wait until next year to get lights (which is why they aren't on in the picture:). I was just excited to have a tree!
Another of my Christmas presents (I have been saving up for this one.) was the fruit picture. Someday we'll get it hung, but for now it sits on my newly painted cabinet (thanks to my sweet Jeremy who really doesn't enjoy painting :)

The girls helped me make a cute popcorn wreath one night a couple of weeks took lots of hot glue and lots of popcorn, but I thought it was pretty cute. I had to spray it with hairspray to keep the ants from trying to eat it. :)
Allie and Bethany made these little "advent trees". They didn't exactly put all of the numbers on them, but it was the thought that counts...right? Allie also made the "JOY" for a craft in school one day a couple of weeks ago. They adorn my window nicely.
I found red berries and candles to adorn my candle holder.
I made this felt Christmas tree just for fun, because I thought it would be cute.
We stuck Christmasy stickers on the windows.
These two were spotted on the couch earlier sweet!
And of course how can we get away without drawing on our huge wall space outside. We decided to draw some Christmas trees...with sidewalk chalk that a kind friend sent. :)
"Decorating" the Christmas tree.
I'm a little embarrassed about my drawing talents and my handwriting in the below picture, but I HAD to put it on the blog. I think our house is getting some stares as people walk by...
Merry Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas! Looks like you are really making your place homey! I enjoyed seeing all the pictures. Love you and miss you all!

  2. I like your decorations, Esther. After moving to a new place it takes time to get your home the way you really want it. We finally had some pictures hung on the walls in the loving room a few months ago!

    I have been visiting the Centsible Savings blog of our classmate, Cristina at Ambassador, and seeing your wreath reminds me of the creativity that I have seen in her photos. Kind of makes me want to be home so I can go to the craft stores and try my hand at some of those things too.

    We had a ham for Christmas too! I asked Wesley if there was anything special that he would like Christmas dinner and he asked if I could find a ham.

    I had never noticed if our stores sold them, and maybe it's just a holiday thing, but they had plenty! I have always bought lunch meat ham for sandwiches, but maybe now we can have an occasional ham for Sunday dinner too!

    Try to stay cool my friend. Summer has officially arrived! I sure hope it doesn't get as hot as last year!