Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Little Bit Like Christmas

Just a little preview of our Christmas here in Brazil. I just couldn't forget to get a picture of the girls with their new best friend "Bigger-Bogger", affectionately named by Jeremy. Everyone loves him and we are thankful to our friends from the States who so kindly sent us a Christmas package "chock full" of fun Christmas things like "bigger-bogger".

I thought this picture was a pretty good characterization of Brazil. I'm decorating the Christmas tree, putting on the finishing touches, wiping the sweat that is literally dripping from my face (thinking of all you freezing Americans :)... and I see a lovely friend climbing up the wall behind the tree. We literally kill hundreds (or maybe not 'quite' that many) of these spiders every week.
It did get cold for a couple of days this past week. The temperatures dropped down to the upper 60's. I told Jeremy that I felt right at home. It really felt like a Georgia Christmas! Today it's back up in the 90's!

We are starting to do some Christmas baking. I've got lots planned, and I'm so thankful that I finally have some peanut butter to make my beloved peanut butter balls. YUM! I'm sure we'll be sharing more about our Christmas here in Brazil in the next few days.

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