Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Cantata

Last Sunday our church had a small Christmas cantata. It took lots of practice and it was really a lot of fun.

Also the children sang a song and dressed up for the cantata. That morning in Sunday School they were all trying on their costumes...Bethany looks like she's thinking "What in the world is she putting on my head?!"

They are all dressed up as angels.
Aren't they so pretty and sparkly!
Allie was VERY excited about this business of "acting out" Mary and Joseph and the angels. Just the day before she was trying to figure out how we could all do it at home. When she found out they were going to get to do it for church, she asked if she could be Mary and the other little girl who was going to be Mary very kindly agreed to be an angel and let Allie be Mary. She couldn't stop talking about it all afternoon! All she wanted to do was practice!

The kids choir...the older kids sang and the younger kid dressed up.
Joseph and Mary
Sweet little Mary.
Our beautiful angel.
The choir of angels.
Choir practice.
The girls like to sit on a bench beside me during practice. By the way, their dresses are the same ones they had last Christmas (you can see them in a couple of pictures in this post)...we were all very excited that they still fit!
The choir...several of them had memorized passages of Scriptures and poems to go with the songs. They all did so well!
Jeremy video taped the cantata, and some day we'll get around to posting it on the internet for you all to see.

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