Friday, December 17, 2010

A Meager Attempt

Last night we went to Sinuelo (aka "the monkey restaurant") to let the kids play. Before we let them play we took a few pictures of them in the grass. They all haven't been around grass much since we were in the States, so they were complaining about how itchy it was. Judah wasn't too keen on having his picture taken, but I think in spite of these things, we got some pretty good ones.

Sweet sisters
We were in a race against time trying to get the pictures taken before it got dark. This one was about the last.
As you can tell, he didn't want his picture taken!
I thought this one was pretty--with the sunset and the tuiuiu bird behind her. A good "brazilian moment" in my estimation.
Allie is looking like a big girl more and more...
My three sweeties...


  1. What beautiful pictures!

    I cannot believe how much they have changed and grown since I last saw them! Especially Judah and Allie...

    Miss you all MUITO!

  2. Beautiful pictures! The kids are getting so big :-)
    God Bless and Merry Christmas!
    Deanna Clopper

  3. LOVE those pictures! They turned out so well!

  4. Allie is getting so big! :) and I love the last one of all kids holding hands! :) Hope you have a great 1st Christmas in Brazil!