Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Baking

This Christmas we spent lots and lots of time baking and making! We really had a good time. I just wanted to show a few pictures of all of the festivities.

First and foremost....peanut butter balls! What is Christmas without peanut butter balls? I took my first taste of these (during the blistery hot, summery, Christmasy day :) and thought, yep, it's Christmas!

Disclaimer: Please excuse Allie's hairdo, I think she was hot and wet it down in the sink. :)
Allie and I rolled the peanut butter balls, I think Bethany ate almost as much as we rolled...
All done...almost. (Just in case you don't understand the picture...she was licking the bowl.)
This is becoming quite the Christmas tradition. Here are a couple of pictures of the three of us rolling peanut butter balls in the States last year. (I think Bethany ate a bunch then too.)
I just love this picture of Allie, I think she looks beautiful!
Alright, back to the present... we made cookies for all of the families in the church. We were going to make peanut butter balls :), but we couldn't find enough peanut butter in Cuiaba. Because of the humidity here I think they ended up being a little stale when we handed them out. A little embarrassing, but it's the thought that counts, right?
The girls and I also made Oreo Truffles for a church Christmas fellowship after the cantata...
Twix bars were also made for the church fellowship.
The oreo truffles dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with green sugar.
We also made cardboard "gingerbread" houses. I had envisioned them a little differently, but I let the girls decorate them how they wanted. I probably should have let them paint them white... they thought it was great fun either way.

We also made a couple of batches of simple fudge and some cookie dough truffles. Without a doubt I did more baking this Christmas than ever before, but we had lots of fun in the process. Keep watching for at least one more Christmas post. Hopefully, you aren't bored yet!


  1. Very yummy sounding cookies! I love peanut butter balls! We got some this year, but I refrained from eating any due to the other goodies I ate this year :)
    Glad you had fun! Love the bowl over the head! Gotta get the good stuff out somehow, right? :)

    Happy New Year!

    Job 23:10

  2. Do Grandma's every get bored with their kids and Grand kids? Everything looks yummy - wish we could have shared, but glad we can share in the pictures. I guess the leftovers must have been good to the last drop.