Monday, December 6, 2010


Lately, I have started a post, and week or two...or three later it actually gets finished!

I wanted to share some Thanksgiving pictures with you. I know it has long since passed, and I think this will be short and sweet!

We had a Thanksgiving meal with some American missionaries around the city at our friends Chico and Shari's house.

Judah enjoyed their toys...
Jeremy and Judah ready to eat!
Allie is ready!
Bethany is too!
After the meal the kids did a short program for us. Matthew Pinto (the boy in the indian hat) is doing the same video school as Allie, so they are learning the same things. They sang The Turkey Song, Come, Ye Thankful People Come, and quoted Psalm 100...well, they kind of did. At least we knew they had them memorized. Maybe next year we will be able to hear them. :)
Here is our little pilgrim. :)
Our hostess for the day, Shari.
Mrs. Duarte cutting the yummy pies.
Mrs. Raehl cleaning up the dishes.
Jeremy, Judah, and Allie enjoying their desserts!
We had a wonderful time of fellowship with everyone. The Pintos have a nice swimming pool that the kids all enjoyed, and we were all ready for bed when we got back home! We are thankful for all the blessings that the LORD has given us throughout this past year.

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