Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fun in the Sun

We had some really warm days earlier this week, and I was ready to get cooled off a little bit. I have been saving our old dish detergent bottle for such a time as this!

I filled them with water and gave one to each of the girls and had one for myself. We went out to our new yard :) and got a little wet.

Allie and Bethany trying to get each other wet!
Then they started chasing ME!
Then they stood at the gate to squirt the unsuspecting that are passing by!
We also decorated the concrete some...a snake!
A smiley face...hope you are having a great day! Don't forget to smile!

Just as a side note because my previous statement made me think of it. One of our theme verses since we've been here in Brazil has been Psalm 100:2 "Serve the LORD with GLADNESS...".

Silly Girls!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to Jeremy!

Yesterday was Jeremy's birthday! I tried my best to make it special for him although I still have a hard time finding good gifts here in Brazil.

He's such a wonderful man and I'm so blessed to have him as my husband!

Like I said in the last post, every Monday night we have some kids over to our house to pray, sing, and play games. I figured since it was Jeremy's birthday I would just have a mini-party for everyone that came to the prayer meeting.

I made a cookie cake (if you know Jeremy very well, you know chocolate chips are his favorite!) and asked Lawanda to decorate it some for me!
I learned how to sing "Happy Birthday" in Portuguese just for his party last night...I know, I probably should have taken time to do this about six months ago since we sing it so often! But now I've got it down!

My handsome birthday boy!
Jeremy and Bethany enjoying the birthday cake!
Some of the party guests.
More party guests.
Even more party guests!
It was short, sweet, and simple, but we enjoyed ourselves.

Jeremy has been such a wonderful help through all that we have been through since arriving in Brazil. He has helped so much in keeping the house clean and with the kids when I couldn't handle things on my own.

I'm so thankful for the sensitivity he has toward the Lord's leading in his life and the way he guides our family. He is such a godly example and a hard worker. Our language teacher told me today that Jeremy isn't satisfied to learn Portuguese at a "normal rate". He is really working hard at learning it fast and well!

Happy Birthday, Jeremy! May God give you a wonderful 28th year of life!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Project Completed!

Last week we got our front yard concreted. Our front yard was so gross! Our kids love to dig in the dirt, but I never would let them. I also would hardly let Judah go outside because every time he did he would immediately get in the yucky front yard and play in the dirt. They tell us that here in town the dirt is contaminated and that the kids can get worms if they play in it.

I had a hard time finding a 'before' picture of the front yard. This is the best one I could find. It was our first day in Brazil when we first came home our yard had flooded a little bit because of the rain.
A couple of pictures I forgot to include in the last post. Our filthy girls when they were done playing in the dirt.
Completely covered with mud!
I thought this was pretty interesting. The man that laid our concrete didn't have a saw to cut his wood so he just used a machete.
Our yard after the dirt was put down.
Concrete poured. We also made a little bench up against one of our walls for kids to sit on. We have a bunch of kids that come to our house on Monday nights for songs, prayer, and games.
After the concrete was done.
They built a wall around our mango tree.
One day I plan to plant some flowers inside of it.
We also had them install a couple of lights outside. The ladder wasn't quite tall enough, but that didn't stop them...crazy!!!

We had a little bit of extra materials, and we decided to concrete the other side of our house. It makes for a nice walkway to the back yard, and the girls love to hide back there too!
The finished yard. They also plastered our walls in the front yard to make things look nicer. We are very pleased with the results.

The new bench really helped with some of the chaos on Monday nights.
It was much easier than sitting in a circle on the porch. Several of the really little kids were much more well behaved.

Our kids have almost lived outside since we had the porch concreted. They play out there all day long! There is so much more room to run and play. They also attract more attention from those walking by on the street in front of our house. Sometimes the kids will stand outside our gate for 20 minutes or more just watching Allie, Bethany, and Judah play! Now I just have to remember to put sunscreen on them!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another Home Video!

Lately, it looks like this blog is becoming a storage place for home videos! Oh well, at least you can get to know us a little better! I love being able to take videos with our little camera. It makes it so quick and easy.

We got some concrete poured on our front yard {pictures to come later}. We had to get a huge truckload of dirt for the front yard to put down before it was concreted. After most of the dirt was used we let the kids play on the mound that was left. They thought it was great. I thought I was going to be cleaning for a month because of it! {Really, I thought it was great too! I love to watch them have fun. Why do you think I was taking a video of it!}

I AM glad that you weren't here to see my floors after it was all done!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mango Eatin' Maniacs

It's mango season! Everyday we have gotten two or three ripe mangos from our tree, but today we got about fifteen!
This is how we get mangos that are high up on the tree! When the neighborhood kids see Jeremy up there they usually come running and ask for some. We definitely have more than we will probably be able to use so we don't mind giving some away.
Here are some of the mangos we got off of the tree today.
Allie and Bethany were very excited this morning to eat their mangos like brazilian children do. They would bite off the skin and spit it into the trashcan to get to the yummy part. Usually, I peel the skin off and cut it into nice little chunks and they eat it with their forks {how boring is that!}, but I didn't have time this morning, because I had to run to language school.

Of course, tonight when they wanted to eat yet another mango (they usually eat 3 or 4 a day!!!), they asked me to cut it up for them. I guess they didn't enjoy getting mango juice all over themselves this morning!
It's so fun to have fruit trees in the yard! It makes for some free, organic {for Lauren, if she's reading this :)} healthy treats!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Our Kindergartener

I videoed Allie saying some of her poems and verses that she has learned thus far in Kindergarten. Please forgive me for tipping the camera at the beginning. Bethany was stepping on a toy, and I was trying to get it from her.

Allie is doing really well with her kindergarten work, probably the first half of the year will all be review from K4, but it has been good for her. We have been able to be much more structured than we were with K4 being that we're not traveling to countless churches on deputation!