Thursday, October 28, 2010

Monkey Business

Monkeys really are curious creatures! They are very fun to watch...kinda like babies and toddlers. Have you ever noticed when sitting in a room full of adults a lot of times every eye in the room will be on some cute little baby watching his silly antics. That's kind of how I feel about monkeys. What are they going to do next?!

I am posting this because I am trying NOT to be bitter against the little creatures. That one little monkey that bit me has caused many hours of grief! I'm not complaining. I really think it's kind of funny!

Anyway, we really like to go to the restaurant that has the little monkey zoo. It has a great little playground for the kids to play at, and we can just sit, relax, and watch them play.

After lunch during the weekdays Jeremy watches the kids for me so I can get in a little Portuguese study time. Sometimes he takes them to Sinuelo (the monkey restaurant) and buys a coke and lets them play until nap time.

Some of the monkeys live out in the wild, and they also enjoy playing on the playground. Sometimes it looks like they are just as curious about the kids that are playing as we are about them!

Ever since I got bit by the monkey the girls are pretty nervous around them. If they get too close they start crying and maybe rightly so. You never know what may happen.

Yesterday, while the kids were playing on the playground there was one little monkey playing too. The girls didn't even know this monkey was right above their heads. Jeremy just told them to stand there and smile for a picture. It almost looks as if the monkey is posing for the picture too! So cute!

Jeremy also took a short video of the monkey playing on the playground. Please excuse the shakiness he was caring for three kids and holding the camera at the same time!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World

Allie made these finger puppets a couple of weeks ago for school. She wanted to sing her song for her grandpas and grandmas!

Futebol and Peek-A-Boo With Judah

For your viewing pleasure...

Judah loves to play futebol!

Judah playing peek-a-boo!

Missionaries and Robbers

I've been writing things down over the past week that the girls have said. Just for fun I thought I'd put them here for you to read!

~"Mommy, how old will Jesus be on Christmas?" Allie asked {After all, it IS Jesus' birthday, right?}

~While I was giving the kids a shower one night, Allie asked, "Mommy, Where is Israel?" I tried my best to explain to a four year old in terms that she might understand..."Very far away!" I also said, "That is where Jesus was born and lived."

Allie then said, "Mommy, one day when I become a mommy, maybe the Lord will call me to be a missionary to Israel. What language do they speak there? What does it sound like? What do the people there wear?, etc, etc, etc..."

~We have tried to keep our kids informed about bad people around here. We don't try to scare them, but we do want them to be cautious. Anyone could come to our gate while the kids play outside, and unless we know them, we want them to run inside and tell us right away! I think they have a healthy fear of it all, but sometimes the things they say make me laugh!

~Allie and Bethany are playing babies outside on the porch. Allie says "Bethany, where is my baby, I can't find her." She looks around casually. Bethany answers...very casually. " Oh Allie, I'm sorry, the robbers came and got her. But it's okay I'll get you a stone (David and Goliath???) so you can kill him."

~Bethany woke up one morning and came out of her room with a look of anticipation on her face. "Mommy," she asked "where are the robbers?".

"Robbers? We don't have any robbers here." I replied.

"Yes we do, I saw them. I was outside coloring, and they came and I screamed and kicked them and poked them in the eyes!"

Obviously, she had been dreaming!

~Another time when they were playing outside, and I was inside working Allie closed the front door and told Bethany "We don't want anyone to take away mommy, so I locked her in the house!"

These pictures were all taken at the Porto {an open air market--fruits, vegetables fresh meat, etc...}. Notice all of the bags of oranges hanging up behind the girls?

Monkey Madness

Don't let this cute little guy fool he did me! He really is a vicious little monkey! On Children's Day we went with a family from the church to a restaurant nearby. The restaurant has a nice playground for the kids to play on and around the back they have a very small zoo.

They have several different neat looking birds and also monkeys in the zoo. They have a cage where there were about 4 or 5 monkeys jumping around and eating. Outside of the cage, but still behind another fence was another monkey jumping around and eating.

The one behind the fence was being so friendly, and they really are very funny to watch. He had already scared Allie once by suddenly jumping right in her face on the other side of the fence. Then he stuck his hand outside of the fence, and I let it hold my finger. Well, the crazy thing pulled it in the fence and bit it! As I was trying to get away he grabbed my hair. When I finally did get away he jumped on top of the fence and almost jumped over and attacked me! Jeremy was standing by to give him a good punch if he did decide to try an attack. Well, it was time to go, so I went to the bathroom, washed my hands and we left.

The next day we decided we probably should call the manager of the restaurant to make sure their monkeys had their rabies vaccinations. Of course, they had not. In fact, the monkeys at their restaurant are wild, and most of them just come in and out of the woods and eat and play with the other monkeys. Had I known this I would never have held that "cute" little monkey's hand! I thought they were "pets"!

So we spent much of Wednesday looking for a health clinic that would give me a rabies shot. After going to about five places I finally got one. I need to have a series of five shots to be completely vaccinated. Fun! The shot really wasn't all that bad, but the woman that gave it to me, well, she was another story.

I get my second shot on tomorrow {Monday}. We plan to find a different clinic to go to get the rest of the shots. I really don't want to get some other disease from some weirdo giving me a shot! :)

Children's Day Popsicles

On Children's day last week the store at the corner was giving away free popsicles to all of the kids.

Allie and Bethany really enjoyed theirs!

All About Hair

Sorry if this post is boring, but I really wanted to tell someone of my accomplishments. :) I thought I never had "talent" to french braid hair, but a couple of weeks ago I decided to try again. I have two little girls that need to get their hair fixed everyday, and I really like to put in some variety every once in a while! I did some internet searching and found some good help!

I have by no means arrived. I have a nice, patient four year old that lets me practice on her. This morning I was trying again before church to do some unique french braid on her hair. After working on it for about 10 minutes or so, I messed up. I told her that I would have to start over again. She then told me "Mommy, I really just wanted a ponytail." Oh, ok...I guess everyone has their limits. :)

Here are some pictures that I took of the girls' hair. I really had not planned on blogging about this, but just decided to today when I was uploading my pictures. I took the pictures because Allie always wants to know what her hair looks like when it is done, and this is the easiest way!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Of Bugs, Brownies, and Balloons

This morning as the girls were having a snack at our table, Bethany was sitting up on her knees looking out the window and said very excitedly "Mommy, there's a spider on the wall outside we need to go catch it!" Um, catch it? No! Where's daddy when you need him??? He had left early this morning for some shopping, so we were on our own this time!

I figured it would have to be a pretty big spider for her to be able to see it from where she was sitting. I mustered up my courage and looked out the window. To my horror it wasn't a spider, but instead a great big gargantuan (it's really a word I looked it up) cockroach!

There was no way I could let this critter live...what if it made it's way into my house. So with {daddy's} shoe I did killed it and without much consequence...thankfully!

Now that I think about it Bethany may have really wanted to catch it. We just recently received a package from a supporting church in Virginia with a little bug catching/viewing kit. I don't think that would be a bug I'd like to "view"!

In other roach news...the other day I went to a supermarket down the road. We don't do any major shopping there. It's very close to our house, so sometimes I run in there if I need to grab something quick. It's very small, but it has most of the necessities.

I needed some potatoes for supper that night and was already at that store. I had never even looked at the produce section there before, but I figured that it would be okay to buy what I needed there. Anyway...I went to the potatoes and grabbed up 3 or 4 and about screamed! Little roaches scattered everywhere! All over the potatoes, carrots, and who knows what else it was really gross! I didn't buy my potatoes from there. I'll just stick with the refrigerator section in that store!

Tomorrow here in Brazil is Dia das Crianças (Children's Day). All day we have been seeing kids walking around with new toys--even a couple of girls with some bubbles (which I didn't know they sold here).

Tonight for our prayer time with the kids from church we decided (at the last minute, of course!) to have a little party for them to celebrate. I put my brownies in the oven about 6:50pm hoping they would only take 25 minutes to cook. Usually my oven tends to bake things really fast, so I wasn't really worried. I really thought it would take less time than that. Finally, about 40 minutes later!!!...they were done. They finally did get to eat them after playing games forever.

In more exciting news...Jeremy has been practicing balloon making and decided to make a silly hat for the girls. I thought these pictures of Bethany were so cute!