Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Morning!

I know these Christmas posts are little late in coming. Every one else has already blogged about their New Years resolutions and getting back to normal life, while I'm still stuck back at Christmas. You forgive me, right?

We woke late Christmas morning :), ate breakfast, got ready, and delivered a bag of goodies to our friends that had to work at the bread store around the corner. Here is the family when we came home.
Next, open the presents.
A few friends and family members sent us packages, and we were all excited to see what was in them!
Gummy bears for my little sweet-toothed girl.
Some blocks for Judah.
Porcelain dolls for the girls.
And some Doodle Balls for Jeremy...ahem, I mean Allie. :)
We have learned that the post office is a little slower at Christmas time (obviously...), and since Christmas day we have received a box from Pawpaw and Grandma, which they were hoping would get to us before Christmas, but it was only a few days late.

Of course, what would Christmas be like without a video or two, right? I thought you would like to see a rendition of Joy to the World--Sung by Allie and Bethany. Music by Jeremy and Judah. :)

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  1. What great pictures!
    And no, they are not too late; they were posted just in time so I could see them before I went back to school:-)
    I loved the video; I showed to the Wilson's and we were all sitting at the table roaring laughing at the "percussion"!
    Love to all,