Monday, January 31, 2011

Missionary Monday

Ok, so here I am. I'm going to take a deep breath and say I'm "planning" on starting a new feature on my blog called Missionary Monday. I learned the idea from another missionaries' blog and thought I would try it too. I have lots of things I want to post about that are specifically missions oriented, and I want to tell you more about the place we live and minister. Hence, I will be "trying" to do something every Monday. Please do not castigate me if this is the only one that ever gets done though. :)

I figured for the first "Missionary Monday" on my blog, I would do something simple just to make sure we are all thinking about the same place. I want to show you where I live just as a "jumping off" place. Most of you probably know this already or at least have a good idea about where we live. I know I've written here and there about it.

Just in case you are reading here and don't know where Brazil is... :) it is in South America. Brazil is made up of 26 states, and it borders 10 of the 12 other countries in South America. We live basically right in the center of South America. Our state is called Mato Grosso {which literally means "thick woods" other words we live in the jungle, just kidding, we really don't. :)}. Our city is named Cuiabá. You can see it in the center of the map below.

This photo is our family sitting on a stone representing the center of South America --about an hour drive from our house.

Cuiabá is a very populated city, along with the neighboring city of Várzea Grande makes up a population of about 856,000 people. Below is a google map overview of the two cities. We live in a bairro of these cities that is actually pretty far away from the center of town. If you have good eyes you can see it to the right of the picture it is called Pedra 90.

I'm pretty sure Pedra 90 has a population of somewhere around 40,000 people. If anyone knows for sure please let me know. :) The houses are pretty tightly squeezed in, and it seems as if this one bairro has a culture all it's own. Below is a little bit more of a close up of Pedra 90. Our street is the one that says R. Vinte E Dois {Road 22} closer to the top of the picture. Again for those with good eyes. :)

Our house is the white square right in the middle of the picture above the R.
Below is a picture of our street from a ground view. Our house is on the left with the tree.

This is a very common sight. The kids usually play in the street since most of them don't have yards.
Well, here is my first rendition of Missionary Monday. Now that you know where our house is we expect a visit soon!


  1. Wow!! the pictures of your street really help me visualize exactly what your life in Brazil is like!

    Looking forward to reading more!

  2. This was really neat! I love how you used Google maps it really brngs where you are to life!
    Thanks for posting this and I'll be looking forward to your next missionary post... whenever it is! :)