Monday, February 7, 2011

Missionary Monday

Well, I tried to write about language school today, but the words were not coming. I also didn't get a picture of our language school teacher like I had hoped, so maybe next week we'll talk about language school.

My back up plan for today was to show you a little more of the neighborhood in which we live. Below is a picture (from the internet of course :) of the main square of our bairro (last week I wrote "bairro", and then I realized later that it's a Portuguese word and not an English word--if you didn't figure out what it is-it actually means "neighborhood" or "district"). This is within a 10 minute walk from our house. You can see the main road that goes through the town. Our house is several blocks from here.

Every Sunday morning there is a feira (open-air market) at the praça (square) where different vendors come and sell their goods. They sell mainly fruits and vegetables, but there are also several other items that can be bought as well. This picture of our bairro from Google looks much prettier than our town actually is. In fact, it looks so nice, I did a double take to see if it really was our town!
You can come along with us on part of a ride to our house. Below is the road right before you get to the main road of our neighborhood.
These signs are everywhere. They love to put speed bumps in the roads. The bad part is when they DON'T mark them and you're not paying close attention. It could be fatal to your vehicle. :)
This is the same road a little further down. We are in the rainy season here, and it rains just about everyday-- sometimes all day. Consequently, this road gets VERY bad. They have repaired it several times, but they don't do a good job and it just keeps getting washed out by the rain. They finally repaired it again just last week as it was almost impassable.
Everyone has to drive on the wrong side of the road to avoid the potholes. It can get a little crazy when there are lots of cars around.
Below we are turning onto the main street into Pedra 90. It was funny when I was taking these pictures on the way home. I didn't even really notice the white car in front of me, and that it was in every picture. When we arrived at home Jeremy got out to open our gate, and that car pulled up beside us. He was upset that I kept taking pictures of his car and wanted to know why.

Jeremy had to explain to the man that his wife was just a crazy tourist that likes to take lots of pictures of everything. He then asked how long we have been here. That was rather embarrassing because it had been over eight months (I took these pictures a couple of months ago and am just now getting around to posting them:)This is the main street to the left is the praça and to the right is a supermarket that we stop in sometimes. One of our friends works as a guard here several times during the week.
More of the main street.
Another supermarket that we frequent. This one is a little closer to our house than the other one. Jeremy often walks here with one of the kids to buy vegetables or bread.
You see cars everywhere that have their trunks open with big sound systems advertising for some store or church. They are rather loud. Because of noise and the heat we always run fans in the kids room during nap times. Otherwise, I think they would not get much of a nap.
And there you have a little bit more of our town. It's amazing to look back and think of everything we thought when we first arrived. How little we knew and understood. How crazy we thought it was that cars would go around blaring their sound systems up and down our little dirt road. How horrible we thought all of the speed bumps were. But now we have just gotten accustomed to it all, and it just seems more like home everyday.

I feel like these posts seem very technical and mundane. What do you think? I have lots of ideas for future posts, but was just wondering if anyone has something that they are specifically interested in. Feel free to let me know. Until then, I'm just going to do what I've been doing.

AND...the second Missionary Monday actually has made it out...on time...even though I have a new piano that I want to play around on all day...and more dishes to wash before bed. ;)


  1. Great Post! We really enjoyed it! I wish you could have gotten a picture of the face of guy in the white van when he confronted you! I'm sure it would be priceless!
    We'll be looking forward to the next one!

  2. Esther,
    These posts are great! Do no think they are boring. They are informative and help us to think outside our boxes a little bit. It is nice to see more of what it really is like in your town. And I would have like to seen the guy in the white car too! :)

  3. I'm enjoying these posts :) Any time you talk about Brazil I get mom and dad to read them, they enjoy hearing about your area as well.

  4. Great Post! Loved reading about life in Brazil! Helps me know a little more what life will be like for my brother. :)