Sunday, February 20, 2011

Missionary Monday

For today's Missionary Monday I thought I'd show you our most frequented store in Brazil--the bread store. We usually end up going there several times a week to get bread, breakfast, coffee, coke, or something... It's about a one minute walk from our door to theirs.
We have made several friends here. This picture was taken back at Christmas. One girl that works here is about thirteen years old, and every time she is working when we go she gives the kids a piece of candy. They love her!
They sell a variety of sweets--
Pudim and other deliciousness...
A very popular snack in Brazil is called a salgado {literally means salty}. There are all different types. Someday I'll do a post on different types of Brazilian foods. These salgados can be bought fried or baked and filled with beef, chicken, pork, hotdog, etc. Many people enjoy eating these for breakfast.
There is a tiny place to pick up a few grocery items.
A drink cooler and another view of the grocery items.
This was yesterday {Sunday} morning when I took these pictures. Since our time changed we were supposed to be able to sleep in an extra hour that morning, but we gave up on that idea a few years ago. For some reason the kids don't seem to get the message. So we were up bright and early and Jeremy decided to take the kids to the bread store for a special treat for breakfast. Here they all are ready for church.
I think this is probably the most popular item at the bread store--the Pão Frances {or French Bread}. It is quite a bit different than the French bread we are used to in the States. More often than I care to admit, the kids eat this for breakfast. Especially on those days when I am running a little late for language school.
This is the favorite section of the store. We can trade in a 1 liter glass coke bottle for a little less than a dollar. They sure do taste better in a glass bottle for some reason... Sorry the picture is so 'brilliant'. It must be the pure deliciousness exuberating forth.
Another picture of some different types of bread they sell. These sometimes vary from day to day. Sometimes they sell regular packaged loaf bread like they sell in the States. They usually sell some kind of sweet bread. Sometimes they have small cakes {similar to a pound cake}. You just never know what you might find in this section.
I hope you enjoyed our little tour of the bread store. When I first moved here I never was embarrassed about taking pictures of whatever, whenever, but now that I'm learning the language more and getting to know people, sometimes it's a little embarrassing to take pictures of food in a bread store with five brazilians looking at you like you're a strange American tourist. But that's okay, I'm willing to go through a little bit of embarrassment for the sake of a blog.


  1. This would be a dangerous store for me.

  2. Yes, it's very dangerous and way too accessible. :)

  3. Esther, you crack me up! I was laughing when I read the part of the coke place :) We all know how that goes, don't we?!?!

    Great post!

  4. Yes, although I only get the occasional 'sip' I enjoy every drop. :) After I posted this last night I remembered that you just recently wrote about coke. I don't know if I copied you or not...I don't remember exactly what you said, but after I posted this and read through it I thought it sounded strangely familiar. :)

  5. I loved the line about the coke, Definatly have to remember that one! I'm glad your taking these pictures and sharing with us, I always look forward to your Monday posts.

  6. Thanks for suffering the strange looks! It's always interesting to get a peek into life in other countries!