Monday, February 28, 2011

Missionary Monday

When I started Missionary Mondays I didn't promise I'd do them every Monday, right? I had every intention of doing one yesterday, and basically had this completed when my husband wanted to make a phone call (meaning I had to disconnect my internet), and when I got back on I lost all I had written. I just decided to go to bed and be a day late.

Today, I will let you come along with us on one of our first experiences here in Brazil. Friday night we decided to take a fun family date out to a pizza restaurant. We have been told that a restaurant named Serra was probably one of the best places to eat pizza in town. So we loaded up our van and headed to the mall where the restaurant is.

Here are the munchkins all loaded up and ready to hit the road!
Yep, we're ready too.
We arrived at the mall quite a bit before the restaurant opened. They don't start serving until 7:30pm. So, we did a little shopping. One day I'll show you more of the mall. I had originally meant to do this today, but didn't get the pictures of the mall that I wanted. Something about having a few kids in tow hinders that.

Here is Serra. It really is kind of a fancy restaurant.
Many pizza restaurants here will serve Rodizio style, where they bring different types of pizza to your table until you turn a card over that says you are done. It's kind of like a buffet, but they just bring it to you instead of going up to a buffet to serve yourself. We've also been told that you can request for them to make a certain type of pizza.

So, what did we think of brazilian pizza? Well, it was very good, but it was definitely missing a main ingredient--tomato sauce. Next time we go out for pizza I am thinking of bringing some with with me and just dipping it. Then, I think it would definitely be delicious!
We find it interesting that Brazilians like to put ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise on their pizza. What do you think? Maybe we should have tried it. It may have made up for the missing tomato sauce.
Allie thought it was delicious.
Bethany ate more than Allie.
Judah just stuck with the crust. I guess it was too much cheese for him.
Now, remember when I said something earlier in this post about a card that you turn over to tell them when you're done. Well, at this restaurant they had a card that you turn over if you're ready for dessert pizza. When we turned over that card, this is what they brought to us. Brigadeiro pizza. If I would have known this existed I think I would have opted out of the meal and just went on to dessert. It was by far the best dessert pizza I've ever had. DEElicious!
Bethany was a little bit excited about the chocolate pizza.
YOU! Give me more chocolate pizza!
Allie loved hers too!
Leaving the restaurant we had to get a picture of Allie and Bethany with the Serra girl to help us remember our memorable occasion.
With the exception of a couple of homemade pizzas this was the first time we have had pizza since we came to Brazil. Yes, almost one year without pizza. This is quite startling. Oh, how I miss Little Ceasar's, Papa John's, Pizza Hut, and even Dominoes... if you ever come to visit me maybe you could try bringing one of those restaurants with you.

I just thought you should be forewarned. Next week in Brazil is Carnival (kind of a Mardi Gras for the whole country--not just New Orleans ). During the week of Carnival many churches in Brazil go to a week of Family camp. We will be going to camp on Friday evening and only coming home to sleep at nights until Wednesday. Therefore, please don't be looking for a Missionary Monday post. I don't think I'll have time.


  1. I won't say what I thought that dessert pizza looked like at first glance! ;) haha But if you say it's chocolate, I believe you. :)

  2. Great pictures, especially the brigadeiro pizza ;) Yummmmy!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. We picked up a pizza once from a nearby pizza place, and after a few bites I realized that they had just layed mozzarela slices on top for the cheese. Strange.

    I suggest you try the ketchup and mustard on the pizza next time you get a chance. I thought it sounded nasty, but the boys had seen others do it and kept asking for it. I finally gave in and even tried it myself. I was surprised that it was good! It definitely helps with the lack of sauce.

  4. I agree with Leah. When I saw that chocolate pizza I thought it looked like ... well, I won't say. But it sure would have taken my appetite for pizza away.

  5. It's hard to imagine what pizza w/o sauce would taste like! The chocolate one does look yummy!