Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Some sweet little kids wanted to sing a song for you in Portuguese to wish you happy weekend!

Just in case you didn't understand what they were saying...

In Portuguese:
Com meu martelo eu vou pregar.
Com minha espada eu vou lutar.
Eu tenho muito que trabalhar.
Há muitas almas a ganhar.

In English:
With my hammer I will preach.
With my sword I will fight.
I have much work to do.
There are many souls to win.


  1. That is so adorable! Your kids are adorable!
    God Bless,
    Deanna Clopper

  2. That's such a cute video, Esther! I was laughing so hard...they're doing great! Why is it that the little kids love that song ?!?! They did it just sooo cute and I agree with Deanna, you have some adorable and sweet little ones!

  3. Love the hard R's at the end of the words! I know in some areas in Brazil it is more pronounced. Our language teacher once said it gives away what area you are from :)

    I am glad that they have the opportunities to be around many Brazilians, both children and adults. Singing helps to reinforce the Portuguese that they are hearing on a daily basis, and it sounds like they are doing great!

  4. so sweet! they are doing so well with their portuguese! love them much!