Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thoughts On Prayer

In light of Valentine's Day and thinking on marriage and relationships, I thought I would share something that I have copied into my devotional notebook. I have made this a guide when praying for my husband. As a wife I have the responsibility to uphold my husband daily in prayer. A wife who stands behind her husband in prayer can make a big difference in his spiritual well being.

Pure in life
Joyful in heart
Mighty in Spirit
Strong in conviction
Honest in motive
Prevailing in prayer
Powerful in preaching
Effective in witnessing
Abundant in wisdom
Selfless in service
Patient in trouble
Victorious in battle
-by David Yearick

By the way, just as an addendum...it wouldn't hurt to pray this through for your missionaries as well. A new life, new home, new country, new culture, and new language in itself poses many difficulties that are hard to overcome. Then you put Satan's desire to destroy the servant of God in the mix, and it is obvious that prayer is needed.

How often has it been that missionaries return from the field defeated by sickness, sin, or discouragement? I just wonder how things may have turned out differently if we would have upheld that one in prayer like we should have.

Just because...I thought I'd include a recent picture of us.


  1. Great post Esther. Jeremy is starting to look like a Brazilian with that dark skin. Mom & dad are very proud of you all.

  2. I think I'll copy and paste this one! Thanks for sharing and I like your picture too!

  3. Very good post, and so true! We need to be in constant prayer for our partners. Thank-you for the timely reminder!

  4. Esther, Thanks for posting this. It has completely revitalized the way I pray for my husband. Such an encouragement!