Monday, March 28, 2011

Candle Light Family Night

It doesn't happen too often where we live in Brazil, but every once in a while we lose power for a few hours for one reason or another. Tonight was one such night. Sitting at the table... contemplating what to make for supper...the lights, no, please, nooo...dark. :) It gets dark pretty early here now. We are going into the "fall" months.

I really am a spoiled missionary. I'm not complaining at all! I know some lose electricity for days at a time or will not have power at certain times of the day everyday and so on. But... spoiled or not it's never fun to be without the conveniences of electricity, and as we sat out on our porch before it got really dark I just had to thank the Lord for the "change of plans" for the evening. I'm thankful that we can sit as a family, sing, tell stories, and just enjoy each other!

I made supper by candle light, lighting our gas stove and oven with a match. After supper Jeremy took the van and went looking for a cold Coke to go with some popcorn for a little treat for a family night. It was only dark for about three and half hours, and when the power came on again around nine o' clock Allie deemed it the "best family night ever!"

I was going to take some pictures of the candlelit evening, but alas my camera battery was dead! No picture memories, but an evening of fun family times that I'm sure will be begged to be repeated (at least by our sentimental Allie).


  1. That's great! I'm glad you could turn a "miserable" circumstance into an enjoyable, memorable evening! Funny to think of how many of my own fond memories came from an unplanned set of circumstances that turned out to be fun!

  2. When I was little I loved it when the power went out! Mama had a fat orange pillar candle that we always burned. :)

  3. I still love it when the power goes out....We had plans to feed some American basketball players a homemade pancake dinner a few months ago. They were homesick and missed pancakes, scrambled, eggs and bacon. The power went off and we cooked it anyway with the help of about 30 candles and two flashlights! We had the best time! The lights came back on about time to eat...all was well until we started biting into egg shells that got into our scrambled eggs....guess we didn't have quite as much light as we needed! giggle.....good times!!